The new event for Team Building

Carpe Occasio Creative Arts is a Team Building event with a difference. Teams can work together to create their own individual pieces of artwork, or a team piece, or both. 

Assorted packages are available to suit all options, starting from two hour workshops to full day team building events.


In May 2016 Forbes magazine wrote an article on the impact of Art in the Workplace.  This article went onto say how a splash of colour in the office or workplace can alter the mood of that room whether it be a meeting room, reception area of a bland corporate workspace. That staff were 32% more productive especially where they had helped choose colours and design of artwork.

Imagine what could be achieved if your employees created their own piece of artwork to hang in their office or workspace! Full details will be on the website which will be available very soon, however if you would like more information please contact Debs on 07811 196340 or email

Art has for a long time been know to help with Mental Health. So why not bring Art into the workplace and encourage your employees to help their own mental health by Art Journaling or creating a canvas or two..

What is Art Journaling?

Art Journaling is a form of art that is purely and simply for the person that created it.  It can be whatever you want it to be, got a worry that you cant get rid of - put it onto paper and then slap some paint over it or use it as the focus to your art work.

How will it help your business? With mental health increasing rapidly we need ways to combat it and help people to find ways to deal with stress before it gets out of control. One way to do this is by getting your employees to experiment with art. They will feel happier, less stressed, and this will have a knock on effect as productivity will increase, less sick days and higher retention rate.

Oh but I cant draw? - You don't need to. 

We don"t have the materials - We will supply everything you need. Including covers for your tables and aprons for the attendees

What will this cost? Prices will start at £35 per person


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